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Gary's Transportation Consulting Sampler

Details coming in a comprehensive transportation plan, the fall of 2019.

Image of two Tacoma Narrows Bridges, Galloping Gertie's replacement and the new 2007 additional bridge.

More useful & efficient mass transportation systems.

Highway design & modifications, to facilitate safer and smoother flow of traffic.

Safe driving recommendations:   current habits that contribute to slowdowns & crashes.

Best use, availability, safety & usability of different transportation modes:  costs & logistics - bus, light rail, high speed rail, & proposed technology.

Innovative solutions for dealing with "First Mile" and "Last Mile"  of interurban public transportation.

And finally:   I've developed a high speed passenger rail system that uses mostly existing right-of-way, has no grade crossings, can operate in nearly all kinds of weather, generates a significant portion of its own power, reduces track maintenance, and cannot derail.   Just imagine that!  

The 2nd Tacoma Narrows Bridge, left, finished in 1950, to replace the infamous Galloping Gertie.        The 3rd new Narrows Bridge, right, finished in 2007.  There are some great stories here.