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Image of Gary Backing in oversize load

Gary's Transportation Background:

In his spare time, Gary keeps bees with his wife, enjoys camping by the sea in the Pacific Northwest, and plays a bit of music with his friends.

Headshot of Gary

Owned & operated two trucking companies for 16 years:

Collaborating with Washington State Highway Dept & State Transportation Chair, Julia Butler Hansen, to establish new & safer oversize load hauling regulations.

Expert transportation witness in administrative hearings.

Driving skills & safety evaluator.

Demonstrating front-wheel-drive car handling techniques to Washington State Patrol.

During the 1980's & 90's: Semi-pro race driver, camera car & precision driver in the motion picture industry;  Little known fact:   professional drivers of this caliber are among the safest drivers on public roads, because of their crash avoidance & car handling knowledge.   They save speeding for the track, never on public highways!

Gary backing in a 12' x 60' mobile home, winter of 1970, his first year in the trucking business.



This level of experience gives Gary an unusually broad perspective of maintaining efficient traffic flow, crash causes, and best use of multiple transportation modes.    It doesn't matter if we're talking about trains, planes, boats, buses, trucks or cars:  the principles are the same:  capital investment, operating costs, personnel costs, infrastructure needed, administrative costs, logistics, usefulness for the public, and best use of equipment & safety:   All are points to be considered.

Eight years moving oversize loads all over the US and parts of Canada.  1969 - 1976

Eight years running a regional freight, parcel delivery & warehouse company. 1977 - 1984

During this time, Gary spec'd his equipment, hired & trained his drivers, managed logistics,

His companies were small, averaging 8-10 trucks, so he also drove, logging a million plus collision-free miles.  

& established his operating cost accounting system.

Gary is also noted for the following: